Meet Molly & Vi

Snow is falling, the smell of gingerbread is in the air and our 7D kitchen at Crave Kensington is full of hand picked items ready to share with you and yours this holiday season!  We take great care in baking from scratch and put the same amount of effort into choosing retailers to showcase in our stores. This especially rings true in our Holiday pop up shop!

Holiday Felted Wool Garlands made in Calgary by Molly & Vi

Holiday Felted Wool Garlands made in Calgary by Molly & Vi

Molly & Vi is a local Calgary shoppe by self proclaimed #mompreneur, Sarah Ward. Crave co-founders, Carolyne and Jodi were the ultimate #mompreneur's when they started Crave, so when the opportunity arose to feature Molly & Vi in our Kensington pop up- we knew it would be a great fit! 

Molly & Vi Q&A

What was your inspiration for your business?

My sweet son was born in 2015 and when I was planning his nursery I really wanted to make sure that I included some hand made nursery decor in his room. I ended up falling in love with felt balls and how sweet they looked strung on a garland and on his mobile. Friends started asking where I had bought the pieces I'd made so I decided to jump in and start my own business making nursery and home decor. My company is named after my two grandmothers. Two incredibly crafty and amazing women. It's been a whirlwind so far and I've loved every minute of it!

Starting an independent business can be high risk, what did you do to overcome your fears?

Honestly, I just love creating and wanted an outlet to try some new things. It was a bit intimidating at first because you send a little bit of yourself out into the world with every piece you make and that can be a little scary. My husband has been insanely supportive since day one. As a small business owner himself, he has always encouraged me to be brave and go for it - especially if it's something I love doing. I also have a wonderful network of friends and family that support me by watching my son, manning my booths at markets, acting as sounding boards for new ideas, and testing products. I couldn't do it without them!

What pushed you to jump in with both feet?

I have always absolutely loved creating. From sewing and knitting, to DIY, I always seem to have some kind of project on the go. I realized one day that I am happiest and totally immersed in what I'm doing whenever I am in my little studio. So I thought, why not take my happy place and start sharing what I do outside those four walls. I am so glad that I made the leap!

What do you hope your customers walk away feeling?

I hope that my customers walk away feeling happy that they have added a bit of whimsy to their decor. I use garlands for every event and season - they go with everything! I put lots of love into each product I make and I hope that comes across to my customers.

What can we hope to see in the future?

In the coming year I plan to expand my shop by adding a few more variations to my popular nursery mobiles and felt ball wall hangings. I also look forward to collaborating even more with talented local artisans and businesses. There are some amazingly talented people in this city!

What would be the ultimate compliment for Molly & Vi?

The ultimate complement for me is knowing that people use my product in their cozy, happy and love filled homes. It really means a lot knowing that my customers love Molly & Vi products enough to make them part of their most treasured spaces and celebrations.

Molly & Vi will be at Crave Kensington until the New year. You can also find her at Market Collective, December 9th - 11th!