We Heart Nature

Growing up on our farm we learned about the unique beauty of Southern Alberta and importance of environmental stewardship. Caring for the land was at the center of everything we did on the farm. As an Alberta-based business, and lifelong Albertans we believe investing in the protection and prosperity of our local ecosystems.

In recognition of World Environment Day on Friday, June 5 have partnered with Alberta Ecotrust Foundation to support some of our favourite initiatives:


Wily Urban Coyotes

Urban Coyotes

Coyotes are the top predators in urban settings. They play an important role in maintaining healthy urban ecosystems by reducing the abundance of "pest" species like mice, rabbits and grasshoppers. Most coyotes pose no serious threat to humans, if they get too comfortable around people, it can cause serious problems. Understanding the ecology of coyotes can help us prevent coyote-human conflict and promote coexistence. Alberta Ecotrust Foundation launched the Urban Coyote Project, a research and community-based program to help us learn how to appreciate coyotes and stay safe. Click here for more information about the Urban Coyote Project.


Beaver Reintroduction at Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Centre

Beavers are more than just our national icon – they are integral to landscape health and function. These furry engineers provide many natural services and benefits, including flood prevention. Beaver dams and ponds increase the landscape's ability to capture and tame flood flows. Read more about the beavers that were reintroduced just south of Calgary here.

Alberta Beavers

On June 5th, purchase a limited edition World Environment Day cupcake six pack, and help us support our natural environment. 50% of sales from these special cupcake packs (which include an extra special dirt and worm cupcake) will be donated to the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation.  Call or email our order line for delivery service prices and availability.

World Environment Day Cupcakes packs are $23.00 each. 

World Environment Day Cupcakes packs are $23.00 each.